CFD account details

We’re clear about our charges, so you always know what fees you will incur.

There’s no minimum balance to open an account with Today Markets. Once you’ve funded your account and started trading, our main charge on each trade is the spread or a small commission for shares trades.

You choose your price per contract (we offer lower minimum contract sizes for new clients), and put down a margin payment. This allows you full exposure to a market with only a fraction of the total capital you’d normally need.

Selling the FTSE 100: detailed
  Cash CFD
Underlying market/value FTSE 100 JUN13 Future 6400
Our price

FTSE 100 Cash



Sell at 6441.05

Deal size

1 contract

£10 per contract

Margin required


Margin requirement per contract x number of contracts

£250 x 1

What happens next? The market drops dramatically, reaching 6300 at 10pm, when funding is calculated. It rises a little overnight, to 6310

Funding = £3.47

(One-month LIBOR eg 0.49% minus 2.5% x £10 x 6300)/365


Buy at 6310.5

Overall market movement & profit/loss

Gross profit = £1305.50

6441.05 – 6310.5 = 130.55

Each contract is worth £10 per point


1-point IG spread (included)

Funding cost: £3.47

Net profit

£1302.03 net profit subject to tax

What if…

If the market rose 130.5 points instead:

130.5 x £10 + £3.40

£1308.40 net loss

Buying BHP Billiton: detailed
Underlying market/value
BHP Billiton
Our price

Buy at 18.40

Trade size
Margin required

Margin = Number of shares x share price (mid price) x margin rate (5%)

1,000 x A$18.395 x 5% = A$919.75

What happens next?
At 4.15pm the market closed at 18.50, which is the price our funding is calculated at. It rises again the next day, reaching 19.04 (the sell price).

Funding = (One-month bank bill swap rate + 2.5%) x (number of shares x share price) / 360

(1.9% + 2.5%) x (1,000 x A$18.50) / 360 = A$2.26

Underlying market



Sell at 19.04

Gross profit

19.04 – 18.40 = A64c (Multiplied by 1,000 shares)

Gross profit = A$640


Commission = Value of position x 0.10% (Minimum A$8)

(1,000 x 18.40) x 0.10% = A$18.40

(1,000 x 19.04) x 0.10% = A$19.04

Total commission = A$37.44

Total costs

Total costs = Funding + commissions

A$2.26 + A$37.44 = A$39.70

Net profit

A$600.30 profit subject to tax

What if…

If the underlying market fell to 17.60 instead (the sell price):

A$17.60 – A$18.40 = – A$80c

(-A$80c x 1,000 shares) – (A$2.26 + 36)

Net loss = A$838.26

Account benefits

When you open an Today Markets account you’re joining one of the world’s Top CFD provider*

All our clients benefit from:

  • Tight spreads, low commissions and low margins on over 17,000 markets
  • A superior trading platform, available across the web and mobile devices
  • Expert charting packages
  • Free educational videos and resources
  • Friendly, helpful customer support
  • Free data, research and analysis tools
  • Security of a financially strong, FTSE 250 company, founded in 1974
  • No negative protection
What you need to know

Like all financial products, CFD trading carries risk. If the market moves against you, you lose money. However, as CFDs are a leveraged product, the risks can be greater – with the possibility of losses exceeding deposits.

With an Today Markets CFD trading account, you can manage your exposure using a range of risk management tools, including stops and automated alerts. We’ll also help you learn the essentials of risk management, and you can practise your strategies using a demo account.

It’s also important to read and understand our account information documents before you get started, including the Customer agreement.

Account essentials


Account charges
Setup charge No fee
Annual charge No fee
Inactivity fee $18 fee on the first of every month, if no dealing activity has occurred for two years or more
Account closure No fee
Trading details
Over 17,000 global markets
Commission Yes, on certain markets
Overnight funding Yes, charges apply
Tax-free No
Traded in Contracts
Minimum trade size $1 per trade for first two weeks1
Margin/leverage From 0.25% for forex, 5% for shares and margin factor for indices
Trading by phone Yes
Risk management Full range of tools available
Platforms and tools
Platforms available All platforms
Demo account Yes
Live streaming TM charts Yes
Advanced charting packages Yes (free to active account holders2
Technical analysis tools Yes
Economic calendar Yes
Live Reuters news Yes
Free market data Yes (refundable fees apply for some shares data3)
Support and education
24 hour phone support Yes
Educational videos and guides Yes
In-person seminars Yes
Live webinars Yes
News and articles from TM experts


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