Portfolio Composition

A portfolio is a collection of investments that may be comprised of similar or diverse asset classes.

Learn About Forex Taxation

The goal of any forex trader is to make successful trades, and when getting started, taxes are really not a serious consideration, if at all. 

Behavioral Economics

What is Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is a discipline that studies how psychological factors influence economic…

Overvalued and Undervalued Stocks

Overvalued and Undervalued Stocks

A common maxim in investing is that you should aim to ‘buy low and sell high’. In reality, this is usually done by buying stocks

Emerging Markets Currencies

Emerging Markets Currencies

Emerging markets are economies of developing countries that are progressively becoming more integrated..

Strategies for Part-Time Forex Traders

Strategies for Part-Time Forex Traders

If you talk to successful forex traders, you’ll find that many of them are trading on a part-time basis.

How To Build a Forex Trading Model

How To Build a Forex Trading Model

If you want to be a successful forex trader, you’ll need to build a forex trading model also called a trading plan..

Understanding The Risks

Understanding The Risks

Effective forex risk management allows currency traders to minimize losses that occur as a result of exchange…

What is a CFD

Learn what is a CFD

A CFD (contract for difference) is a popular financial derivative product that allows investors to trade the price changes of different financial assets. 

What is Economic Growth

What is Economic Growth

Top news headlines are often dominated by the release of gross domestic product (GDP) figures and for good reason. 

Crude Oil

Understanding Crude Oil

Crude oil is ranked among the most liquid commodities in the world, meaning high volumes and clear charts for oil trading.

Trading Psychology

Learn Trading Psychology

The psychology of trading is often overlooked but forms a crucial part of a professional trader’s skillset. Today Markets is the perfect place..

Trading styles

Learn Different Trading styles

Like every other trader, whether you are a novice trader or talented expert in the field of trading forex, you come with your own unique trading style.

Money Management

Learn Money Management

Although you may think the title of Money Management is pretty clear and easy to implement – how to manage your money and invest wisely,..

How to read a trading chart

How to read a trading chart

Identifying trends, whether they are moving up, down or across and also knowing when they are about to reverse is really key to your Forex trading. 

Trading Plans

Learn About Trading Plans

A trading plan is a comprehensive framework that guides your decision-making in any trading activity you undertake. A trading plan is to forex…