Fund Managers

Fund Managers


Today Markets’ DMA liquidity paradigm is the superior alternative to the single and multi-provider RFQ and ECN models when executing simple or complex trading strategies.

The firm’s Direct Market Access model, or DMA, was specifically developed to create an anonymous, transparent and low-latency trade execution venue. It is the ideal environment for those seeking consistent liquidity with minimal market impact.

Simple and Robust


Fund managers have been drawn to the reliability, simplicity and robustness of Today Markets’ core DMA offering from the early days of its existence and the pool of clients has expanded dynamically ever since to include global hedge funds and sophisticated CTAs. In turn, use of our Full Order eXecution functionality has grown dramatically. This innovative block trading solution facilitates fund managers in enabling them to place larger-sized trades without pre, or post-trade information leakage, virtually eliminating concerns over market impact.


Clients receive the peace of mind of knowing that they are trading on a technology infrastructure that more than meets the needs of today’s fund managers. In addition, there is the ability to place orders using leading front-end GUIs, such as Today Markets’ DMAhub, or by taking advantage of the firm’s market-proven, low-latency FIX API. PAMM and LAMM allocation models are also fully supported.

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