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Discretionary Portfolio.

Open a Trading Account An actively managed portfolio without the need for you to be involved in the day to day management of it.

Discretionary Portfolio

An actively managed portfolio without the need for you to be involved in the day to day management of it. The Today Markets Discretionary Portfolio Service is designed for the investor who does not wish to be actively involved in the day to day decision making process for their investments. An experienced Portfolio Manager will work with you initially to build a portfolio that meets your investment objectives and risk profile.

Your Portfolio Manager will always act in your best interests by following your stated objectives and restrictions and report back to you as regularly as you wish.

At the core of this service is our dedicated Portfolio Construction Team who manage our range of Model Portfolios. This skilled and experienced team consists of a Chief Investment Officer, a Risk Manager, numerous fund managers, analysts and support staff. Your dedicated Portfolio Manager works with the Portfolio Construction Team to ensure that your portfolio is structured to meet your objectives.

Active Management

Today Markets continues to adopt an active approach to managing money for clients and this is represented in each of our strategies which all have active management mandates. We seek to invest in the areas of the market where we see the most attractive opportunities, as opposed to holding the stocks with the largest representation in the various indices.

Cash Management

Our discretionary strategies also actively manage cash holdings within the investment framework and the investment manager has the flexibility to increase cash levels up to 35% in the case of the Global Equity Compounders / Global Equity Income strategies and to 65% in the case of the Global Equity Growth strategy.

Focus on absolute vs, relative return

We seek to generate a positive return for clients regardless of equity market movements. We are not afraid to go against the consensus market view, so if we feel a market or stock is expensive, we may avoid it completely rather than holding it merely because it is widely held.

Fees & Minimum Investments

There is an Annual Management Fee for this service of 1% + VAT. Commissions are charged at 0.35% per transaction with no minimum charge. The minimum investment amount to open a Discretionary Account is $200,000.

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