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Swap Rates.

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What are Swaps?

Often referred to as Rollover Interest, swaps are charged or paid when holding an open position overnight. Swap Rates are determined by the difference in the interest rates between the base and quote currency and whether the position held is long or short.

As Today Markets does not arrange for the physical delivery of trades, all positions left open at the end of the day will be rolled over to the following trading day and be subject to interest rate swaps. These are automatically calculated and settled at 21:59 GMT (Server Time 22:59) on a daily basis.

Swap Rates – What You Should Know

– Swaps are only applied on open positions held overnight

– Swap rates are calculated in points, MetaTrader 5 converts this automatically into the base currency of your trading account

– Each forex pair have their own swap fee, which is measured in the standard size of one lot or 100,000 units

– Any open positions held from Wednesday to Friday on a trade date basis will be charged three times the value.

– Weekend swaps are charged as a triple charge on a given weekday. Please refer to the MT5 specification to see which day.

Islamic Trading Accounts

Today Markets is proud to offer trading accounts specially tailoured for our Islamic Clients.

As an Islamic Client, you will have access to no swap fees or interest payments. Click below to learn more about our Islamic Trading Accounts.

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