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Guardian Angel.

Open a Trading Account The powerful MetaTrader4 add-on will help to cut through the noise and focus on the information crucial to your trading success

Improve your trading decisions with Guardian Angel

Today Markets Guardian trading support system acts as a risk management tool for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.It delivers instant feedback on your actions, so you can refine your decision-making process and polishyour trading skills, as well as create your own trading style. The powerful MetaTrader5 add-on will help tocut through the noise and focus on the information crucial to your trading success.

This personalised trading and money management tool is designed to:

  • Help you trade with less risk
  • Help you identify your mistakes
  • Promote trading confidence
  • Strengthen your connection to the markets
  • Increase your trading knowledge

The Guardian Angel tool is useful for new traders and experienced ones alike, providing an external and objective review on their trades. This feedback can contribute to the trader in current and future trades, as learning for mistakes is an integral part of trading.

We view trading as a process; as beginners take their first steps, they should constantly improve their trading abilities. Even when getting to experienced traders’ level – there is always room for growth. We see that potential and believe that our traders deserve the best tools the market has to offer. Guardian Angel is a prominent tool in that process, and therefore we provide it at the highest level possible.

When you download the Guardian Angel add-on you’ll receive messages and alerts highlighting a range of different issues:

  • Excessive risk
  • Setting stop loss
  • Strong/weak trading performance
  • Margin call alerts
  • Markets alerts relevant to you
  • Trading volatility

Guardian Angel is unique to each trader, i.e. it does not generate the same feedback to all users. Each trader designs their own Guardian Angel, suited for their requirements. The tool will only give feedback the trader wants and needs, based on their pre-defined preferences and settings.

While trading on MetaTrader 5, the Guardian Angel tool acts as a second pair of eyes. Although you should not rely on it solely, you can use Guardian angel and let it accompany you in your trades.

Does Guardian Angel improve your trading results?

The Guardian Angel plug-in is a powerful add-on for the MetaTrader platform that provides extensive feedback on your current trading behaviour. It can also accurately indicate the prevailing market volatility and set the proper stop loss levels for market conditions.

However, the Guardian Angel plug-in should not be taken as investment advice, nor should it be used as a recommendation for any course of action or trading decisions. There have been no proofs that Guardian Angel can help to achieve greater profits. Nor have there been any proofs of Guardian Angel reducing or eliminating losses. In fact, there is no proof of Guardian Angel allowing traders to achieve any results that are different than those achieved without the use of the software.

Is the Guardian Angel useful for advanced traders

Because the Guardian Angel analyses trades and provides useful feedback regarding risk management and trading performance, while also providing a host of valuable statistics and alerts regarding upcoming financial news it can be useful for both beginning and advanced traders.

No matter the level of the trader, the data provided by Guardian Angel can be used to improve decision making for individual investments. When used on a regular basis this is a useful tool in the improvement of anyone’s investing skills and their decision-making process.

Does Guardian Angel provide the same feedback for all traders?

Guardian Angel is designed to provide unique results for every trader based on their own trades and trading styles. That means it does not simply generate generic feedback, but rather it delivers each trader with their own unique feedback suited for their own needs. Plus the tool can be configured so that it will only provide the feedback that the trader wants or needs.

Guardian Angel is like another set of eyes watching your trades. While it isn’t meant to be relied on solely for trading decisions, it will help you refine your own trading decisions.

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