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Trade Global Markets.

Start Trading Today Today Markets facilitates buying and selling of financial instruments such as mutual funds, equities, bonds, Sovereign gold bonds, derivatives, stocks, ETFs and commodities through an electronic interface.

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Stock Trading

Trade Stocks CFDs in major corporations without the fees or restrictions asso

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Why Trade Cryptocurrency CFDs? Trading cryptocurrencies via CFDs (Contracts f

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Trade Indicies

Competitive leverage means you can choose to increase your exposure with a lo

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Precious Metals

In today’s trading world, it is possible to invest in a commodity, such as go

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Wealth Management Platform

A wealth management platform that connects investors with a professional weal

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Energy Commodities

A trader can also benefit by a short position, which is when a trader sells a

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Agricultral Commodities

Digital lending platform and a matching mobile app client with an automated l

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Trading Signals Platform

Intelligent investment assistant that performs technical analysis for a numbe

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Forex Trading

Today Markets offers over 60+ Forex currency pairs. Access the world’s

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