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In: Hedging

Corporate FX challenges

The effort vastly improved the company’s planning and execution functions, they knew that in order to succeed in this era of technology their accounting systems needed to be much more robust than what they are. They turned to Today Markets consulting to improve their accounting systems.

When it comes to currency management, most businesses experience similar pain points:

  FX volatility, causing a negative impact on the business
· Lack of visibility over FX exposure and unreliable forecasting
· Flawed manual processes to identify and capture FX exposure
· Inefficient treasury or financial risk management systems
· Immature or informal hedging practices
· Inability to analyse exposures and measure hedging results.

Micro-hedge your foreign currency transactions

Dynamic Hedging is the fully automated solution that eliminates FX risk and makes it easier to buy and sell in local currencies. With profit margins safeguarded, your business is more competitive and primed to increase market share.

Companies with manual hedging processes are more vulnerable to FX risk. Micro-hedging addresses this shortcoming by hedging each transaction (e.g. a receivable or payable), as it occurs.

Using straight-through processing (STP) to speed up processing time, Dynamic Hedging streamlines the workload, no matter how many transactions are being processed, or how small the amount. Currently, larger Currency Hedger clients hedge more than 20,000 micro-transactions a year while others manage their risk in 115 currency pairs.

Boost Efficiency

Automate processes to boost efficiency

Standardize your FX management procedures

Automate micro-trade executions according to market movements

Save time and reduce human error by eliminating manual processes

Liberate your finance team from low-value administrative tasks.

Secure Margins

Take full control of your FX exposure

Capture FX exposure data in real-time

Hedge risk safely and efficiently in all your currency pairs

Monitor currency volatility 24/6

Hedge micro-transactions based on your company needs.

Secure margins and protect your b- line

Effortlessly add new currency pairs when expanding into new international markets

Retain and drive profits with safeguarded margins

Minimise FX gains and losses

Reduce P&L volatility with our Hedge Accounting solution.

Streamline reporting with CH

Use built-in analytics to streamline reporting for your CEO and the board

Oversee your FX exposure with our data-rich analytics dashboard

Gain a better visual representation of when settlements will occur to improve cash management.

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